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Our Economics Tuition Programme
  • A dedicated teacher, Mr Anthony Fok takes personal joy in seeing his students excel academically and makes it a point to motivate every student to realize their fullest potential. Mr Anthony Fok’s patience and attentiveness towards his students guarantees that no student is left behind. Under his guidance, many students have displayed great improvements in their Economics grades and as a result, acquired a restored sense of self-confidence.
  • Learning resources in the form of detailed handouts, case study and essay questions collated from past years' papers and feedback from school examiners are part of the comprehensive set of materials students are supplied with to supplement their school notes.  Students are given challenging assignments that test their grasp of concepts and skills. Specific learning outcomes are planned for prior to each tuition lesson. The unique tuition programme at JCEconomics.com allows students to fortify their conceptual understanding and slowly acquire a mastery of the analytical and critical skills involved in dissecting and addressing examination questions comprehensively yet concisely.
  • To maximise the benefit of students at JCEconomics.com, all lessons are delivered by Mr Anthony Fok himself and the student to teacher ratio is kept low. Each 1.5 hour tuition session is planned prior to the lesson, to ensure that students learn from each lesson as much as possible. For this reason, exercises are often assigned as homework and then reviewed during lessons. To keep the learning environment conducive for learning, all tuition sessions are conducted in air-conditioned rooms, equipped with visualizers and projectors.